Epiphany Lutheran Church

What to Expect at Epiphany


  • Ancient in form, with an order and flow that was practiced by the people who knew Jesus
  • Brand-new each and every time, with a variety of songs, prayer language that is evocative and inclusive, and preaching that is current, relevant, and real
  • Quiet and reflective, with votive candles that can be lit for prayer and a softly bubbling pool where you can remember your baptism
  • Joyful and delicious, where children and adults are free to be themselves and the rich tastes of the communion meal are offered to all


  •  Fellowship “meal” (from light snacks to full lunch, depending on the week) after worship
  • Study and devotional helps for your spiritual life today and this week
  • Friends who meet together at church as well as out in the world


  • People who are glad to be together, glad to celebrate each other’s successes and help each other’s struggles, glad to greet and welcome those they don’t know yet
  • People who arrive from a diverse set of circumstances and backgrounds, and yet are united by the desire for connection and the spirit of God
  • People who are warm and friendly, and also polite and gracious, willing to give you time and space to get to know Epiphany at your own pace
  • People who have a strong desire to help others, especially those often overlooked and forgotten in the community


  • Bible study that enriches the worship experience and equips the people of God for daily living
  • Educational opportunities and faith-filled nurture for children of all ages
  • Publications, service opportunities, and historic witness from the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and the Metropolitan Washington DC Synod