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Saturday, December 24th @ 7:00pm – Christmas Eve Worship with Candlelight

Sunday, December 25th @ 10:30am – Christmas Day Lessons and Carols


Sunday Mornings at 10:30am (In Person and Online)

Gather for an opportunity to be in community, to pray and sing, to reflect on God’s Word and eat at the Lord’s Table each Sunday morning.

COVID Protocol: Our church building is currently operating under a recommended masking policy while inside. While indoors, please be respectful of the people and space around you if you choose to keep your masks off. We do request that you still wear a mask during hymn singing and, during communion, those distributing the elements will still be masked. We continue to encourage vaccines and boosters if you have not yet received them and if you are not feeling well, please rest at home or contact your physician if needed. Thank you and Christ’s peace be with you.

Sunday School Returns This Fall!

Did you know that God invites us to take care of the planet? Starting this fall, we will return to Sunday School and discover what it means to be God’s Water Heroes! With the help of Bible stories and activities shared by WSSC and the Interfaith Partners for the Chesapeake, we will play and learn about ways we can love and serve the whole of creation. The fun begins on Sunday, September 18th!

“Just a Moment” Weekly Devotions – Tuesday Mornings

It is a phrase that places us on hold while we wait for our call to be re-directed. It is a comment that interrupts us as we attempt to get through our list of errands. We say it to a loved one before we can get that first sip of coffee in the morning, we use it on our kids as we try to finish up an important email… just a moment, please.

Often times, those moments to stop and wait are forced upon us but couldn’t we all use a moment now and then? Not when we have time but in the midst of it all. God invites us into intentional rest, not because we earned it or deserve it but because it is needed. A new, ever-evolving, video devotional series is coming that invites you to spend just a moment, 5-10 minutes, engaging in God’s Word through scripture and a song, or a poem, or a form of prayer. It is an invitation to pause and be reminded that the Divine is with us throughout our week. A new devotion will be shared every Tuesday.

You can find a new Just a Moment video devotion every Tuesday on Facebook!

Epiphany Blessing for the New Year

20+C+M+B+22 “Christus Mansionem Benedicat” which means “May Christ bless this dwelling.”

On Thursday, January 6th (The Feast Day of Epiphany), Pastor Dave offered a brief “Chalking of the Doors” service, a blessing for the church in the year to come. This ritual is a traditionally done on the Day of Epiphany or during the season of Epiphany. You can read more about this tradition in the document below and use it to bless your own home.

January 6th is also the “birthday” of our congregation! It was on that day in 1963 when the first group of people gathered at Fairland Elementary School to worship and begin to form what would become Epiphany Lutheran Church.

Here are a few photos from our Christmas season at Epiphany!

As we continue to expand our in-person gatherings, we do so with care and caution for all in our community. We encourage all who are eligible to get vaccinated and boostered.

We require masks be worn on church property for all activities. We will continue to re-assess our COVID policies and when updates are made, advanced notification will be given for any changes. The uncertainty of this past year has also been an invitation into a more intentional practice of grace and understanding. May we carry this with us as we journey forward.

From Our Table to Yours, Thank You!

For 61 weeks, we worshiped in a way that was new and invited us to discover the sacredness in the ordinary places we inhabit. Our Kitchen Table Gatherings allowed us to connect and worship with family and friends in different parts of the country, people we have known for years and others who we have only known through this digital presence. Thank you to all who joined us from your kitchen tables and living room chairs during this time. Although we are transitioning back to in-person gatherings, we will continue to find ways of being present and offering prayers online as well. Please check out our Facebook page as the summer progresses.

Please continue to check-in on neighbors and family who may need assistance, be a presence of grace when impatience and uncertainty is heightened, and pray for all who serve our communities from our healthcare workers and public safety personnel, to our grocery clerks and teachers. The impact of this moment continues to place a strain on businesses, our mental and physical health, and causing faith communities to lean deeper into God’s embrace. Be kind, take care, and continue to seek ways to be Christ’s light in the world.


Breathe in. Breathe out.
It is a simple yet sacred act of living. With each inhale and exhale we reconnect with the Divine. Using a variety of prayer practices, we were invited into a daily connection with God during our 2020 season of Lent.

We are looking at more offerings like this, but in the meantime, you are invited to return to these practices. Maybe you are discovering these for the first time. This is an invitation to create some space and play with God while we continue to understand our current reality of life.


Living Breath of God” is an arrangement by Fendrick & Peck, of the classic hymn “O Living Breath of God.” May this song invite you into the season of Lent and prepare you to breathe deeply the Divine who dwells with us.

SUNDAYS/schedule postponed

9:00 am Morning Brew Adult Discussion
10:30 am Worship with Holy Communion

You are Loved

Epiphany is a Reconciling in Christ congregation.

Welcome to The Table

All who are hungry, come and eat.


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