Book Title Poetry

Book Title Poetry

We are each carrying quite a bit at this time. From workers deemed essential who are on the front lines of this health crisis or trying their best to provide goods and services for our needs, to households juggling work, school, and life in close confines or those living in a deeper sense of isolation due to social distancing.

We need to take moments to pause and breathe. Do you have a practice that helps you? Some set up puzzles or carry a coloring book or bake. Maybe you journal or just turn on an episode of your favorite podcast or sitcom.

Bishop Leila Ortiz shared a fun way of creating poetry, using the books around you. She wrote:

“Earlier today I saw a friend post a poem she put together with the titles of books in her library. I loved it!

I decided to take a break, come to my library, and let myself have some fun putting something together

Take a break. Have some nerdy fun. See What poetic creation can come out of your library?” 

Jennifer and I decided to give it a try and explored the books on our shelves to create this:

Book Poetry

At Break of Day
When Everything Changed
Life Together
Out of Order

Dear Church
This I Believe
The Audacity of Hope
Growing Amid the Thistles
The Teacher Appears
Go In and In
The Journey and the Grace

What words are your books ready to say?


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